Len Shing Holdings Co. Ltd.

Len Shing Holdings Co. Ltd. is founded by Mr. Chong Shui Kit in 1976.  Len Shing mainly focus on property development in Hong Kong in the early years, lands were bought in Hong Kong to construct residential buildings, commercial buildings and shopping centres, etc.  Len Shing has been actively involved in property development in Mainland China since 1980s, and invests in places such as Fujian, Tianjin, Harbin and Hubei.  Harbin Len Shing Fashion Mall is one of the landmark underground commercial buildings in Harbin.

After years of efforts, Len Shing’s business scale has been continuously expanding, and business interests become more diverse.  Its subsidiaries include Yauley Timber Company Limited, Gem Art Jewellery Manufacturing Limited, CRE8 Digital Media Group Limited, Y5ZONE International and MISURINO Limited.  The business scopes include property development and investment, timber manufacturing, gem stone globes manufacturing, information technology and retail etc., with clients from all over the world.